Shambhala Music Festival 25th Anniversary: July in Salmo, BC

Shambhala Music Festival 25th Anniversary: July in Salmo, BC

TICKET DROP 💜 25 Years of Shambhala

Mark your calendars! The Early Bird and GA Tickets for the 25th Shambhala Music Festival are set to go on sale on Friday, September 15th, at 12 pm PST. This exciting event is just three weeks away. It's worth noting that during our previous anniversary year, all tickets were sold out within a mere 24 hours after the ticket drop. Therefore, it's advisable to be well-prepared to secure your spot. This is an opportunity not to be missed if you wish to partake in a truly exceptional edition of Shambhala. 🌈

In commemoration of a quarter-century presence on the farm, numerous captivating surprises are currently in development for the Farmily. The question remains: Will you be among the attendees gracing the dancefloor? Don't hesitate to tag your Farmily and initiate the planning process for what could potentially be your most unforgettable summer yet. 👇

List of Facts:
Shambhala Music Festival, Canada's premier electronic music and arts festival, is approaching its 25th year.
Early Bird and GA Tickets for the event will be available on September 15th at 12 pm PST.
The festival's previous anniversary year witnessed ticket sales depletion within 24 hours of the ticket drop.
Shambhala promises an extraordinary edition for its 25th anniversary.
The festival takes place on a 500-acre farm nestled amidst the mountains and the Salmo River.
The event boasts over 200 cutting-edge artists and six mesmerizing stages.
Shambhala is renowned for being non-sponsored and family-run.
The festival holds prominence not only for its music but also its emphasis on art and harm reduction services.
The event offers an unparalleled festival experience.
The festival is scheduled for July in Salmo, British Columbia.
Shambhala Music Festival acknowledges and expresses gratitude to the Syilx, Sinixt, and Ktunaxa Nations for allowing the festival to operate on their land.
The festival acknowledges its location on the unceded, traditional lands of the Syilx, Sinixt, and Ktunaxa Nations.
Shambhala aims to establish a connection between guests and the history and future of these Nations.

The Shambhala Music Festival, renowned as Canada's premier electronic music and arts extravaganza, is preparing to commemorate its illustrious 25-year journey. As anticipation heightens, make sure to note down the key date of September 15th at 12 pm PST, when the Early Bird and GA Tickets for this milestone event will become available. This imminent happening stands a mere three weeks away, and it's worth recalling that in the previous commemorative year, the entire allocation of tickets was completely snapped up within a breathtakingly brief span of 24 hours from the initial ticket release. Hence, prudence dictates preparedness to secure your coveted spot promptly. This is an occasion of immense significance, offering the chance to partake in a truly unparalleled iteration of the beloved Shambhala experience. A vibrant array of captivating surprises is in the process of being curated to enthral the Farmily – a cherished term encompassing the festival's community. The pivotal question echoes: Will you be counted among the enthusiastic attendees gracing the much-anticipated dancefloor? Waste no time in tagging your Farmily members and setting the wheels in motion for orchestrating what could potentially materialize as your most cherished and unforgettable summer escapade to date. The countdown has begun, and the pulse of excitement resonates far and wide.

  • Early Bird and GA Tickets on sale September 15th at 12 pm PST
  • Previous anniversary year saw tickets sold out in 24 hours
  • Over 200 artists and six stages
  • Event set on a 500-acre farm by the mountains and Salmo River
  • Emphasis on art and harm reduction services
  1. Shambhala Music Festival approaching 25th year
  2. Extraordinary edition promised for 25th anniversary
  3. Festival acknowledged Syilx, Sinixt, and Ktunaxa Nations
  4. Connection between guests and Nations' history and future
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