Wave At The Park: A Spectacular Event in Vancouver | Aug 12

Wave At The Park: A Spectacular Event in Vancouver | Aug 12

Sunwave BC presents "Wave At The Park"

Sunwave BC is excited to announce "Wave At The Park," a remarkable event that brings together the world of waves in Vancouver for an unforgettable experience. Taking place at Shaughnessy St Park in an open-air setting, the event is scheduled for Aug 12 and promises a spectacular lineup of artists, including the renowned @maayan.nidam.music. Additionally, there will be a surprise stacked line-up of supporting artists to be announced soon.

Event Details:

  • Date: Aug 12
  • Time: 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Location: Shaughnessy St Park (Open Air)


Collaborating with @_on_hype, Sunwave BC aims to create an electrifying atmosphere that will captivate attendees from 4 pm to 10 pm. The excitement doesn't end there, as an official afterparty will be hosted at @the.wavespace for those who can't get enough of the pulsating beats.


To ensure guests stay refreshed throughout the event, Ice Cold Supply will be provided by @whiteclawcanada and @backcountrybrewing. It's important to note that the event is open to adults aged 19 and above, adhering to the legal drinking age regulations.


Tickets for the event are currently available for purchase online, with the option of Tier 2 Early Birds. Early Birds not only get a chance to secure their spot for this extraordinary experience but also enjoy additional perks for being among the first to grab their passes.

For further information and to purchase tickets, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official website of Sunwave BC at www.sunwavebc.com. Here, they can find detailed information about the event, ticket pricing, and other important updates.


Sunwave BC is an established name in the electronic music scene and has earned a strong reputation for organizing successful and immersive events. With "Wave At The Park," they aim to set new standards for open-air gatherings, combining the mesmerizing charm of nature with the pulsating energy of electronic music.

Vancouver, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural scene, serves as the perfect backdrop for such an event. As the host city, it offers attendees an opportunity to revel in the beauty of nature while surrendering to the euphoric beats of the music. The combination of the urban setting and the natural environment is a unique aspect that sets this event apart from others in the region.

The headlining artist, @maayan.nidam.music, is an electronic music virtuoso known for pushing the boundaries of sound and rhythm. Her performances are a perfect blend of artistry and technical prowess, leaving audiences awestruck and craving for more. Her presence at "Wave At The Park" guarantees an extraordinary musical experience that attendees will cherish for a long time.

The supporting artists, whose names are yet to be disclosed, are anticipated to be equally exceptional, adding depth and diversity to the musical journey that the event promises to deliver. Sunwave BC has a reputation for curating line-ups that showcase the finest talents in the electronic music realm, and this event is no exception.

Safety and Community:

Safety and well-being are paramount for Sunwave BC and its collaborators. As the event welcomes guests back after a prolonged period of restrictions and precautions, the organizers are taking all necessary measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Stringent health protocols will be implemented to minimize risks and create a worry-free environment.

"Wave At The Park" is a celebration of life, music, and nature. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for electronic music and an appreciation for the outdoors. The event fosters a sense of community, where attendees can forge new friendships and make lasting memories.

The popularity of open-air events has surged in recent years, as music enthusiasts seek alternative and immersive experiences beyond traditional indoor venues. "Wave At The Park" aligns perfectly with this trend, offering a refreshing escape from the usual club scene and taking electronic music lovers on a journey that intertwines the rhythms of nature and beats of music.


Sunwave BC's partnership with @_on_hype signifies a collaboration of two powerhouse entities that are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for their audience. The synergy between the two ensures that "Wave At The Park" will be an event like no other, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of those who attend.


With the presence of Ice Cold Supply partners, @whiteclawcanada and @backcountrybrewing, attendees can quench their thirst with a wide selection of beverages, ranging from classic favorites to innovative concoctions. The thoughtful curation of refreshments adds to the overall experience, ensuring that guests can focus solely on enjoying the music and the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Age Restriction:

The 19+ age restriction is in line with the responsible consumption of alcohol and aligns with local regulations. Sunwave BC prioritizes the safety and well-being of its guests, and this measure aims to create a mature and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees.

Tier 2 Early Bird:

As tickets for "Wave At The Park" go on sale, the Tier 2 Early Bird offers an attractive incentive for early purchasers. Not only do they secure their attendance at the event, but they also gain access to exclusive benefits and surprises that await them on the day of the event.

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