Summer Skincare Promo in Vancouver, BC | July-August | INK + HAIR

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INK + HAIR Summer Skincare Promo, Vancouver

Summer Skincare Promo in Vancouver, BC | July-August | INK + HAIR
Vancouver, BC
Promotion Period July - August
Promotion Details
Customers who receive a skincare treatment at INK + HAIR have the opportunity to enter a draw for one of three Dermalogica packages designed to address specific skin concerns.

Treatment for Dark Spots

Product Powerbright Overnight Cream
Description Night cream for individuals with hyperpigmentation issues such as sun spots or melasma.
Product Biolumin-C serum + moisturizer (travel-sized)
Description Vitamin C duo for preventing and fading dark spots as part of the morning routine.
Product PORESCREEN SPF 40 (trial size)
Description Dermalogica's latest SPF product for sun protection.

Treatment for Fine Lines

Product Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum
Description Serum for treating fine lines.
Product Antioxidant Hydramist (travel-sized)
Description Antioxidant toner that firms and hydrates the skin, suitable for use throughout the day.
Product Phyto-nature Oxygen Cream (trial size)
Description Moisturizer known for its ability to make the skin appear four years younger.

Treatment for Dryness

Product Circular Hydration Serum
Description Long-lasting serum that provides immediate hydration to dry skin.
Product Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist
Description Formula containing Hyaluronic Acid and ceramide to boost the skin's moisture barrier and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
Product Daily Microfoliant (travel size)
Description Dermalogica's popular exfoliating powder for achieving brighter and smoother skin on a daily basis.

INK + HAIR's Summer Skincare Promo provides an opportunity for customers to address their specific skin concerns with targeted Dermalogica packages, ensuring their skincare needs are met.

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