BWAK Grill new hot deals, new menu!

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BWAK Grill: Indulge in Deliciousness!

Discover the tantalizing flavors of our latest Grill features this week. We're thrilled to introduce the BWAK Tonkatsu Sando, a crispy and saucy delight that will leave you craving for more. Sink your teeth into a mouthwatering combination of pork cutlet, bwak bulldog sauce, refreshing cabbage slaw, miso aioli, and creamy kewpie mayo, all nestled between slices of pullman bread. Don't miss out on this sensational creation, available for a limited time!

Experience a burst of flavors with BWAK's Birria Grilled Cheese, a must-try sensation. Our chefs have expertly crafted this masterpiece using tender, braised short rib in rich birria broth. Savor the melted provolone, diced white onion, and fresh cilantro, perfectly sandwiched between grilled sourdough slices. Hurry and indulge in this culinary delight before it's gone!

Calling all BBQ lovers! Our Grill is now serving the mouthwatering BBQ Pulled Pork Sando. Succulent pulled pork, generously slathered in barbecue sauce, is piled high on your choice of bread. Don't miss the incredible burger and beer combo available every Tuesday for just $21. Treat yourself to any of our delicious Grill burgers or sandos, paired with a delightful side.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate sandwich experience with our Grill Feature of the week, THE RINGER. Sink your teeth into tender chicken coated in three irresistible sauces, topped with melted cheese, and crowned with a massive onion ring. All this goodness is nestled on a fluffy brioche bun, accompanied by your choice of side. Indulge in this mouthful of flavors!

Visit our HOME BASE located at 7-3331 VIKING WAY, RICHMOND, BC, V6V 1X7. For catering inquiries and office-related matters, please reach out to us at or call (604) 278-0769. To explore our restaurant and deli, dial (604) 278-0543. Come and experience the culinary wonders of BWAK Grill today!

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