June 21st to July 31st: Vancouver Summer Sips Festival - Cold Drinks

Experience the Vancouver Summer Sips Festival with Refreshing Cold Drinks!

Drink Description Price
Cereal Milk Latte Cereal-infused milk topped with espresso and crispy puffed cereal $7.75
Black Sesame Cold Foam Latte Iced latte topped with creamy black sesame cold foam $7.75
Espresso Cold Foam Latte Iced latte covered with house-made espresso cold foam topped with coffee and chocolate $7.75
Iced Mango Americano Pure mango juice topped with ice and single origin espresso $6.75

Join us at the Vancouver Summer Sips Festival and indulge in the first annual event celebrating specialty cold drinks from the city's top cafes and food spots. Discover our exclusive selection of four new and spectacular iced beverages, created exclusively for this festival.

From the enticing Cereal Milk Latte, infused with cereal and topped with espresso and crispy puffed cereal, to the indulgent Black Sesame Cold Foam Latte, featuring an iced latte crowned with creamy black sesame cold foam. For a delightful twist, savor the Espresso Cold Foam Latte, an iced latte blanketed with our signature house-made espresso cold foam, garnished with coffee and chocolate. If you're craving a tropical escape, the Iced Mango Americano awaits you—a refreshing blend of pure mango juice, ice, and single origin espresso.

Don't miss the return of our crowd-favorite Espresso Tonic ($7.75) from last summer—it's back due to popular demand! Its harmonious combination of espresso and tonic water will captivate your taste buds once again.

The Vancouver Summer Sips Festival takes place from June 21st to July 31st. Make sure to mark your calendar and join us at Little Cafe on Robson, located at 1258 Robson, Vancouver, BC V6E0C2. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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